Magico Legacy products

Magico mini


(introduced 2004 - discontinued 2010)

“Certain speakers don’t just change the way the game is played; they change the playing field.”

— Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound - The 12 Most Significant Loudspeakers Of All Time


THE ABSOLUTE SOUND:Editorial  "The 12 Most Significant Loudspeakers of All Time"

6MOONS:Online Introduction  "6moons Magico Mini Introduction"

THE ABSOLUTE SOUND:Full Review and Interview  "A Classic Improved By Jonathan Valin"

THE ABSOLUTE SOUND:Full Review  "The most thoroughly, knowledgeably, and successfully engineered mini-monitors the high end has yet seen"

MUSIC EMOTION:Full Review and Interview  "Extreem Transparant" (Germany):Full Review  "Kompaktlautsprecher Magico Mini II"