Magico crossovers


Elliptical Symmetry Crossover (ESXO$reg;) produces a filter with greatly accelerated rolloff slopes. It uses a very specific notch response to achieve an acutely steep rolloff rate outside the passband without the addition of an electric pole. It is a unique type of electrical/acoustical filter that, in our view, offers a significant performance advantage over typical crossover filter types in audio applications.

Since we are also able to precisely model the transfer function of each driver, we can create rolloff rates, both high and low pass, that are completely symmetrical.

Magico crossovers

Our loudspeakers’ mechanical and electrical features are all designed and developed using the latest CAD tools available.

We even write our own software to help emulate the performance of our crossovers in real time.

Magico crossovers

All crossover parts are made by the Raimund Mundorf Company in Cologne, Germany. The outstanding sonic performance of the MCap, MCap-Supreme, and MCap-Supreme Silver, Gold and oil capacitors is achieved through a unique combination of advanced technologies - most notably “induction-free winding,” whereby two capacitor windings are interleaved so that their inductances are effectively cancelled.

The inductors are made with extremely pure oxygen-free copper foil and constructed so that the windings are directly on top of one another, bringing them significantly closer to the theoretical electrical ideal.

Magico crossovers

Recorded music is a rapidly changing signal in which electrical current constantly fluctuates in a non-uniform manner. In a typical passive resistor, a substantial amount of heat can form as that current flows through the resistor, raising the temperature of various elements within the resistor, causing different attenuations (resistance) across various signal levels. To counter this undesired effect, the Q5 will have the first custom-made Bulk Metal Foil resistor designed specifically for use in a loudspeaker crossover network.

A low temperature coefficient of resistance, ±2 ppm/°C, results in virtually constant resistance at any frequency and voltage. Due to their unique construction these unique resistors also settle into their steady resistance value and stabilize more than 50 times faster than any other resistor on the market today. You will hear the difference!