Magico legacy


In 1994, more than a decade before he founded MAGICO, Alon Wolf set out to build for himself the perfect speaker system.

Since then, he and his team have created a wide range of award-winning loudspeakers.

Magico legacy

2004 - Magico Mini

““In the new millennium there has been no more influential loudspeaker—no loudspeaker that has had a more profound effect on the way other loudspeaker manufacturers design and style their products—than these massive, beautiful, stand-mounted two-ways from upstarts Alon Wolf of Magico. The Mini and Mini II set new standards for neutrality, resolution, dynamic range, frequency extension, and musicality in compact speakers—and they did so not just by upping the ante on the way enclosures, drivers, and crossovers were built but also by upping the ante on the science that speaker manufacturers brought to bear on designing enclosures, drivers, and crossovers.”
   — Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound


Magico legacy

2009 - V2

“It is very rare for sound and technology to converge so precisely on the same goal, but this is exactly what has happened, in this case. The V2 is a painstakingly designed and immaculately voiced, loudspeaker”
   — Alvin Gold, Magico V2 Review ( 5-Stars ), Hi Fi and AV Speakers


Magico legacy

2009 - V3

“The V3 is a speaker that has lofted the brand into the company of the very, very best that audio has to offer. To some, that might seem cocky and arrogant of the Magico people; a brand should spend decades working its way up to hanging out with the best. But if so, it’s the cocky arrogance of one who knows they have something to be cocky and arrogant about. It’s the swagger of a 100m Olympic Gold medalist, the confidence of the Formula One winner, the surety of a mathematician, knowing they’ve just submitted a prize-winning thesis.”
   — Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi+


Magico legacy

2009 - M5

“The words "the best" have been bandied about quite a bit in this magazine…and there is legitimate concern that they are being overused. Unfortunately no other words will do to describe how I feel about the Magico M5. Not only has it redefined an entire genre of speakers for me, it has carried me substantially closer to the absolute sound.”
   — Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound


Magico legacy

2006 - M6


Magico legacy

2011 - Q3

“The Magico Q3 is a standard setter that liberates music from the impediments inherent to typical loudspeakers. It is for those of you who don’t like speakers but do love music. The experience of hearing the Magico Q3 is something truly unique. Folks, the Q3 is a bona fide state-of-the-art loudspeaker -- one that doesn’t cost a hundred grand a pair, or even close to it. Magico might just take over the loudspeaker world after all.”
   — Jeff Fritz, SoundStage! Ultra